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Keeping GOD 1st!

Barry "Bondz" is a Business Executive with over 16 years based in the Music and Entertainment Industry. He is a visionary with a passion for new ideas, branding and cultivating identity. His experience spans from major recording corporation environments in New York City (Atlantic Records/ Bad Boy Ent.) and (Universal Records) to grass roots entrepreneur start ups (All-Net Records).

Barry is based in NYC and running his management entity, independent music consulting and executive project service for hire to artists companies, etc with a great deal of his business also based in the Midwest. Barry's ultimate goal is to find the Future Stars that will shape and influence Pop Culture.

Specialties: Discovering and Developing Talent, Strategic Planning, Producer and Songwriting Relationships, A&R and A&R Administrative Duties (e.g. Recording/Mixing/Mastering Budgets, Studio Scheduling, Accounting), Marketing and Promotions, Side Artist Solicitation, etc.

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